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Chicken Breast, raw weight | nutritional analysis | 145g (174 kcal)
Chicken Breast, raw weight | nutritional information
Food group: Poultry Products
Energy content: 120 kcal/100g
Values shown are for an average person
Female | 43 years | 172 cm
Calorie target: 2112 per day
Chicken Breast, raw weight | nutrition ratios
Chicken Breast, raw weight | details and statistics
Users consuming this 10
Number of food diary entries 52
Average portion size 115
Users avoiding this 6
Users who like this 2
Nutritional source USDA
Chicken Breast, raw weight | nutrition per 100g
Calcium5 mg1 % DV
Choline82.1 mg19 % DV
Copper37 g4 % DV
Fat2.6 g5 % DV
Iron370 g2 % DV
Magnesium28 mg9 % DV
Manganese11 g1 % DV
Phosphorus213 mg30 % DV
Potassium334 mg7 % DV
Protein22.5 g43 % DV
Saturated Fat563 mg2 % DV
Selenium22.8 g51 % DV
Sodium45 mg9 % DV
Vitamin A9 g1 % DV
Vitamin B1 Thiamin94 g9 % DV
Vitamin B120.21 g9 % DV
Vitamin B2 Riboflavin177 g16 % DV
Vitamin B3 Niacin9.6 mg69 % DV
Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid1.495 mg30 % DV
Vitamin B6811 g62 % DV
Vitamin B9 Folate9 g2 % DV
Vitamin E560 g4 % DV
Vitamin K0.2 g0 % DV
Zinc680 g9 % DV