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Soylent Powder Tub v1.8 | nutritional analysis | 400g (1840 kcal)
Soylent Powder Tub v1.8 | nutritional information
Food group: Fast Foods
Energy content: 460 kcal/100g
Default max daily grams: 400 g
Values shown are for an average person
Female | 43 years | 172 cm
Calorie target: 2112 per day
Soylent Powder Tub v1.8 | details and statistics
Users consuming this 1
Number of food diary entries 20
Average portion size 202
Users avoiding this 14
Users who like this 1
Nutritional source Unknown
Specific to country United States
Soylent Powder Tub v1.8 | nutrition per 100g
Calcium229.885 mg23 % DV
Carbohydrates46 g24 % DV
Fat23 g48 % DV
Iron4.138 mg23 % DV
Potassium804.598 mg17 % DV
Protein23 g44 % DV
Sodium367.816 mg74 % DV